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The Med-Master System from Medi-Pure Inc. is the ultimate in "USER FRIENDLY" Pharmaceutical Water Filtration. Utilizing today's most advanced water treatment technology.

Our Room Temp & Cold water cooler Makes safe, great tasting water from your normal tap water. No more hassling with heavy 5-gallon jugs. This system is great for anywhere that safety/liability is a concern.


Medi-Pure Incorporated is a full-service Pharmaceutical Water Filtration company currently engaged in the practice of servicing Pharmacy locations Nationwide, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. With over 30 years of experience and a customer base of over 18,000, Medi-Pure Inc. is the leader in the industry.

We provide sales, service, and parts to a multitude of treatment equipment. This would include the Med-Master System, The gold standard in Pharmacy Grade Water for drug reconstitution. Our onsite services range from full equipment installation to general maintenance & part replacement.