Medi-Pure Inc.

 Pharmaceutical water treatment

Medi-Pure Inc.  Maintenance Program. 

By joining our Maintenance Program, you will immediately receive the peace of mind that a professional, and knowledgeable Water Quality Technician is taking care of you and your Pharmacy’s water needs. Eliminating the stress of ordering and replacing filters on schedule, and questioning if the system is operating at 100% efficiency. Our technicians are trained to perform everything from Installation of equipment to general maintenance & part replacement. 

*All technicians are HIPPA certified.

Our maintenance program is an automatic 12-month annual service schedule, that during our visit we perform but are not limited to the following: 

  • Test quality & water safety, Including TDS (Total dissolved solids)  

  • Replace Filters/ Membrane 

  • Clean and sanitize the system 

  • Replace worn/non-operating parts    

  • Full digital reporting that we offer via email

Medi-Pure Inc. 
Box 1257, Brooksville, FL, 34605 US