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Every Pharmacy is using pure water for their mixing, it is a requirement that cannot be avoided! Your choice lies in how you choose to meet this need. You can use old fashioned water bottles, balanced precariously on shelves, with tubes and clamps running everywhere. Or you can utilize the modern, simplistic technology with our Med-Master Water Purification System. It operates quickly and conveniently right at your work station. 

Medi-Pure Inc.

 Pharmaceutical water treatment

 Med-Master Pharmaceutical Water System Advantages 

It's Quicker...Easier...Cleaner! 


The Med-Master System from Medi-Pure Inc. is the ultimate in "USER-FRIENDLY" Pharmaceutical Water Filtration. Utilizing today's most advanced water treatment technology, and NSF approved plastics. Each system is 100% tested, sanitized, and hermetically sealed. This system is considered the predominant “Pharmacy Water System" in the United States which features:

  • High-quality but less expensive Filters and Membrane cartridges.
  • A Two-gallon capacity auto-refill holding tank.
  • A stainless steel auxiliary faucet perfect for both large volume filling and purified drinking water for you and your pharmacy staff.


The Med-Master dispenser was designed with the Pharmacist in mind. Simple one hand operation, "Visible" water level measurement, and a sleek attractive design. All of these factors combine to bring you the best in dispenser design, No small, low-quality valves or levers to break. No Batteries to go dead, and No electronic valves or circuit boards to stick and ruin medications. Our dispenser is designed to hold up to the rigors of everyday use. Our Dispenser’s easy operation handles and the easy to read graduated cylinder:  

  • Reduces the risk of error 

  • Shortens customer wait time

  • Improves staff efficiency